Orthodontics is a specialty field of dentistry which deals primarily with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of malpositioned teeth and the jaws. In order to treat them, the medical specialist can opt, on a case by case basis, for mobile dental braces, fixed braces or a mouthguard.


  • Fixed metal braces
  • Fixed ceramic braces
  • Fixed sapphire and ceramic braces
  • Mobile dental braces
  • Delaire adjustable face mask

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

The service includes all the medical procedures, from the extraction of the included teeth, gingival plastic surgery, cystectomy, up to the removal of benign tumors. Determining the diagnostic and the treatment plan takes place after a consultation at the OMF surgeon and the required complementary tests (retroalveolar radiographies, orthopantomogram, CT).


Through prosthodontic interventions we can restore the dental integrity and the interocclusal relations affected by injuries such as:

  • Simple or complicated dental caries, with high sacrifice of dental substance
  • Dental fractures
  • Teeth loss due to periodontal disease

Esthetics is a branch of prosthodontics which redresses dental defects such as diastemas, intrinsic colorization, dystrophic injuries etc.

Fixed prosthodontics:

  • Metal acrylic crowns and bridges
  • Mixed crowns and bridges (Weiser type)
  • Metal ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Pressed ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Zirconium crowns and bridges
  • Dental facets

Mobile and mobilisable prosthodontics:

  • Partial denture structure with molten brackets or special systems (magnet, eyelet)
  • Full acrylic denture


Implantology consists in inserting an implant at the bone level. The purpose is to replace the free space that appeared after losing the natural tooth. Also, another purpose is to overtake the morphofunctional roles of it.


Endodontics deals with the treatment of dental pulp injuries, as a result of dental caries complications due to dental fractures or cracks, or chemical and thermal variations.

Teeth Whitening

Our clinic puts at your disposal an UV lamp which is particularly used to whiten the teeth. It only takes one meeting for this purpose. Thus, you can obtain a color of up to three shades lighter compared to the initial one.

The advantages of this procedure is the rapidity and the direct control of the doctor over the meeting, thus diminishing the chances to develop dentin hypersensitivity.

Professional Teeth Hygienization

We recommend to perform a professional hygienization at least once a year. This implies professional scaling with ultrasounds, professional brushing and airflow. Besides maintaining the health of your teeth and gum, during the meeting, the dentist can detect potential impairments that the patient is unaware of. Thus, by treating yourself in good time, you could prevent other complications.

The airflow implies the pulverization of fine bicarbonate particles over the teeth. This is beneficial for the removal of tartar, of the subgingival dental plaque, and of the extrinsic colouration from the teeth.

Dental Laboratory

Our clinic is equipped with a modern dental laboratory, the collaboration between doctor, technician and patient being straightforward. The advantage consists in the fact that the patient benefits from a direct contact with the specialist that’s going to process his dental work, thus being able to express his needs concerning it. Also, the duration and the number of the meetings is reduced because the workmanship also takes place inside the clinic.